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        Anhui Lixing Chemical Co., Ltd. established in 1992, is a provincial high-tech enterprise focusing on the production of fine chemicals. The factory covers an area of 100000 square meters and has more than 260 employees.

        The company integrates product R & D, production and sales, and has established close cooperation with Nanjing University, Shaanxi University of science and technology and other colleges and universities. 

        Choose Lixing Chemical

        Silicone series products are mainly used in medicine, printing ink, electronic chemicals...

        We develop our products be the top-level products relying on advanced production device, scientific technique management...

        Working hard to build enterprise
        Science to proper enterprise
        Building the Lixing Brand
        reward to the society


        Add: 10#, Zhongwanglu, Jixi County Eco-industrial Park, Anhui
        Tel: +86-563-8152611
        Fax: +86-563-8167310
        Url: www.foshanhaocheng.com


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